A Boy (or Man)

Bojonegoro, June 27th, 2017


So, there is a boy.

He is so bright.

He talks a lot. He argues everything.


Well, there is a boy.

He has a couple of dimple.

He owns a confident smile. He laughs not-so often.


Then, there is a boy.

He doesn’t annoy me anymore.

He isn’t some wee child. He is a grown up man now.


There is a boy. Or man.

I don’t really know him.

We don’t really talk.

We don’t really call each other.

We don’t even see each other.

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No Limit? Really?

Even sky has its own limit.

“Don’t limit yourself. Many people limit themselves to what they think they can do. You can go as far as your mind lets you. What you believe, remember, you can achieve.”  – Mary Kay Ash.


Kenal Mary Kay Ash? Kalo kata Wikipedia sih, Mary Kay Ash was an American businesswoman and founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics, Inc. Was. Karena Bu Mary ini udah meninggal tahun 2001 yang lalu. Meskipun udah 15 tahun meninggal, tapi quote-nya masih banyak ‘beredar’ saat ini.

Don’t limit yourself.

Honestly, saya bener-bener suka sama quote satu ini. Continue reading “No Limit? Really?”